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Personal Trainer

"My clients transformations (Internal and external) speak for themself, I make each client's experience completely custom to the individual, but always full of challenge, knowledge & results every step of the way."

I was always the skinny (125lbs), awkwardly quiet kid, It all began in my high school weight room, once I picked up lifting as a personal hobby and gained my size and confidence, I felt right to call it my calling to make others feel this great about themselves, 18 years later I get to make people like what they see in the mirror, showing them their true potential they never even knew they had deep within, giving them the confidence, body, and lifestyle they deserve to have.

Experience: Since 2000

I am an Expert Rated and Ace certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Wellness coach. 1st Place NGA Natural bodybuilder and 1st place NGA Men’s classic Physique competitor.


  • Weight loss/Gain, Muscle mass gain, Bodybuilding, Nutritional guidance, Contest/show prep, Wellness coach


  • Client-focused, Focused on holding you accountable, results-focused, patient & understanding

Training style: Classic, energized, upbeat, powerful, trustworthy, supportive, and Motivational.

Favorite movie: The entire Marvel cinematic universe..but to pick a favorite it would definitely be Thor.

Favorite food: Mexican & Italian!

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Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer